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Work packages


The following activities are planned in the various work packages WP of the project

WP1: Project management

This work package includes all activities necessary to ensure the efficient running of project activities, facilitate coordination between partners and support administrative, legal, financial and control activities.

WP Leader: KlimaHaus Agency, Bolzano (Project Leader)

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WP2: Communication

The aim of this work package is to create a constructive communication between the partners to share the activities and the related results, as well as to implement an effective dissemination strategy for the stakeholders. To this end, WP2 foresees the organisation and activation of different promotions of the project through the organisation of public events and scientific seminars at local level, the organisation of a transnational symposium of Green Public experts and a final conference to present the project results.

WP Leader: Innovations- und Technologietransfer (ITG), Salzburg

WP3: Definition of the services for the activation of the competence centres and the GPP4Build platform

The first objective of this work package is to carry out a benchmark analysis to determine the level of knowledge of the currently applied public GPP procedures of the territories involved in the project. The analysis, conducted on a common basis, will lead to a detailed understanding of the role of the different public actors in defining GPP tenders. Tenders for new buildings as well as for existing buildings will be analysed. Subsequently, the competences of SMEs will be analysed and their possible weaknesses in public GPP procedures.

Based on the information gained in the previous analysis, the GPP4Build platform will be developed through which the competences and the MUK-GPP facilitator service will be made available to SMEs. The GPP4Build platform offers courses for SMEs, a database of MUK-compliant materials and companies, describes the procedures for facilitating the development of MUK-GPP compliant projects, and offers an answer service for SMEs’ questions about MUK-GPP.

Furthermore, the Work & Service Plan will also be prepared to make the Centres of Excellence operational. The plan will be the basic tool to ensure the effectiveness of the competence centres over time and to ensure their durability even after the end of the project activities.

WP Leader: University of applied sciences (FH) Salzburg

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WP4: Start up e messa a regime dei Centri di Competenza

The WP aims at activating the competence centres, which will be done through the training and qualification of two competence centres and the definition and implementation of process management procedures. The course will be delivered by the academic staff of the Free University of Bolzano, the University of Padua and the University of Applied Sciences – Salzburg.

The work package also foresees the activation of the GPP4Build platform, through which, the services offered by the competence centres will be promoted and offered.

WP Leader: University of Padova – CESQA

WP5: Demonstration of the functioning of the competence centres and supporting measures for the establishment of the competence network

WP5 foresees the implementation of training courses on GPP topics with the participation of at least 30 SMEs from the programme area. In addition, at least 20 SMEs will be supported in the preparation of projects that require compliance with MEC. If no tenders are available during the reporting period, simulations will be conducted on standard tenders that include MECs.

WP Leader: APE, Agenzie per Energia Friuli-Venezia-Giulia

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